Strategies to Effectively Engage Medical Providers

Lay the groundwork

  • Learn about the medical world, including the culture, language, and realities of the medical providers in your community.
  • Build relationships with providers, clinics and organizations over time.
  • Recognize and acknowledge barriers, and clearly define the role you are asking the provider to play.
  • Be able to explain why a provider is essential to the work.

Define the type of medical provider you think you need

  • Who has the necessary knowledge or experience?
  • Consider someone in pediatrics, someone in a particular organization, or someone with a specific skill set.

Contact local affiliates to help identify potential partners

Make your work understandable

  • Make it easy for a medical provider to help you– be clear what you are trying to do by explaining things in simple terms, providing context, background information, and key concepts. 
  •  Explain overall strategy and potential benefits to the provider, their organization, and the community.

Make specific request and facilitate success

  • Make personal asks to a provider or an organization.
  • Make the time commitment explicit, and plainly explain goals and impact.
  • Ask what the provider needs from you; offer support and coaching.  
  • Say thank you, follow up and let them know the impact of their efforts.