Physician-to-Physician Outreach – Examples from Kansas

Example 1: Community Connections Lead to Increased Screening

One nurse practitioner became interested in participating in opportunities for training and incorporating developmental screening into her practice after the community engagement representative from her organization suggested that she start attending the local community coalition for children and families.

At the coalition meeting, the nurse practitioner connected with the Community Coordinator. After a one-on-one conversation and additional outreach and training, the nurse practitioner now provides developmental screenings at well-child checks and refers to early intervention and community supports.

Example 2: Closing the Loop and Referrals

One pediatrician became interested in the early childhood work within their community, by a community partner introducing the Community Coordinator and the pediatrician over email. After this introduction, the Community Coordinator and community partner had a meeting with the pediatrician where they discussed the early childhood collaborative team in the community and provided the pediatrician with additional outreach materials. The pediatrician was already doing developmental screens but has now also joined the community’s IRIS system to make referrals to early intervention and community supports.

Example 3: State Level Champion Increases Engagement at the Community Level

One pediatrician champion wanted to increase the involvement of other medical providers in her community in the early childhood system. She worked with the Community Coordinator to schedule a training for medical providers in her service area. A medical provider champion at the state level who was also part of the Kansas chapter of the AAP leadership provided the training.  The Developmental Screening 101 training reviewed the basics of developmental screening, why it is important, questions to consider during implementation of developmental screening into one’s practice and how to bill for a developmental screen.  A result of the training was multiple medical providers in the community expressing interest in incorporating developmental screening into their practices.