Gap Analysis

The gap analysis is a simple tool to help identify the gap between a current situation and the future state that you want to reach, along with the tasks that must be completed to close this gap.

Analyze your current situation

For each of your objectives, analyze your current situation. Along with your CIT’s shared knowledge, also draw from the findings of the shared vision worksheet, scan of current screening practices, community readiness assessment, and SWOT analysis

Identify your future state

Begin by identifying the objectives you want to achieve. This gives you your future state – the “place” where you want to be once your initiative is successfully completed.

Identify the gap

Once you have identified your future state and your current situation, ask yourself whether or not a gap exists between the current situation and the future state.

Describe the gap

List the kinds of characteristics and elements that comprise the gap between the current and future state. Describing these factors may incidentally lead to problem-solving solutions.

Identify next steps/strategies to bridge the gap

Brainstorm strategies that can be undertaken to bridge the gap and reach your desired future state. Remember to identify strategies that directly address the factors identified in the previous step, and that are action-oriented and specific. 

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