Finding Your ‘Why’

Community Liaisons are encouraged to identify a personal ‘why’ before engaging with partners to define a community vision. A personal ‘why’ includes your values and dreams for the world as well as clarifies your own reasons for engaging in this work.

Spend some time thinking about why a framework is important, and how you believe this project will help people in your community access needed services and supports. Knowing why this specific work matters can help you inspire others to engage and keep you going when the process of change feels challenging.

A good way to start this process is to brainstorm for a few minutes. Write down key words or phrases as they come to mind. What inspired you to take part in this project? What makes you most excited about this project? What impact do you want to have on your community as a professional?

Look at the key ideas that you listed above and generate a sentence that sums up the heart of your ‘why”. Do not be afraid to use bold language. “I believe I have a responsibility to…” or “I want to contribute to a community that…” Practice saying your why out loud and modifying it until it feels right.

Now, you are ready to inspire your partners as you engage in this important work!